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Poetry By Teresa Irene Vick

I speak for those without a voice

I write these words for those who have been silenced

I write these revelations for those who have been blinded

This is for the little people

The broken

The shunned

The outcasts

The invisible ones

The frightened

The heartbroken

The violated

The abused 

The lost

And any being that may find solace in these pages.


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About The Blog

The Roots and The Writer

My name is Teresa Irene Vick and I'm a 18-year-old writer. As a child, I loved writing short stories and limericks which eventually spurred my passion for poetry. I've compiled all of the poetry that I've written throughout the years and the poems that I continue to write and have created this website. My hope is that my poems can reach people and help them through the hard and lonely times. Some of the material is slightly sensitive, but I believe it's important for everybody to realize people go through so many difficult things and they need to know they're not alone. Please subscribe, comment, and let me know if you have any questions or inquiries. Thank you!


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